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Taps, Mold, and I'm and Idiot! *Gross*

Recently I noticed the quality of my beer going down and I was having stomatch issues for a couple weeks. I didn’t think much of it until I noticed black crap in my tap when I was pouring a beer. I took a rag and wiped it and a TON came out.

Background; I built a 4-tap kegorator in April. I never noticed any impurities, mold, or any of the like after the first few months and I just thought that;

A. The achohol would kill what ever would want to “grow”.
B. If I use it frequently the “new beer” would “clean” any residue.

Boy was I wrong! As soon as I noticed how much mold there was I took the taps off for cleaning, then I noticed it was in the shanks as well :cry: .

I’ve been soaking them and bought some “thin brushes” for cleaning. Before putting them back in the kegorator I took one more look and tried to take them apart. There was still a TON hidden in the tap.

So first and foremost I know I am a complete idiot and I put my own health and the health of anyone who I served in jepordy. Now I need some help.

Question 1: I no longer have the “manuals” on the taps which I am sure have cleaning instructions. Does anyone have a link?

Question 2: How often and what method should I use to clean the taps?

Question 3: Is there some sort of cover or protection I can put on the taps inbetween use?

Any other help or cleaning ideas would be much appreciated!

Lucky Kid ... ctions.pdf

I flush my lines with Starsan between beers, clean faucets twice a year and replace lines once a year.
Here is a link if you decide to take your faucets apart for cleaning.

Is this the type of cover you are looking for?

I concur with Baratone Brewer. I use tap brushes/plugs.
Keep the entry point clean and you should be in good shape… Along with routine cleaning as mentioned above.

I run PBW through the lines after every couple kegs and that will keep it pretty clean. I do take the faucets apart a few times a year and soak those in PBW also. Hot water flush and Starsan between every keg as Baratone mentioned also.

I guess I should also add that my Perlicks have removable nozzles and the nozzles get removed and cleaned every 4-6 weeks.

I couldn’t figure out how to get them apart but I guess you just have to pull really hard. I stripped them all down and cleaned the lines and everything. I bought the plugs as well. Lets hope everything goes well!

Thanks for all the help!
Lucky Kid

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