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Taps in Kitchen wall - how to keep cool + protect wall

I’ve got two taps I plan to mount inside a 2x4 wall, with drywall on either side.

Should I build a small, insulated box in which to have the trunk line come up through and connect to the shanks?

Should I be worried about condensation and the drywall?

Any advice is appreciated.

Sounds like a fun project. Here is my advice, for whatever it is worth.

In any case, I would add a 2x4 or some sort of backing to the drywall and run the shanks through them. Use polyurethane adhesive to keep the 2x4 in place, pre-drill/pre-fit it all, before drilling the drywall. Otherwise, just through use and opening closing taps with any sort of force, your drunk friend hitting them, etc, I can see the drywall crumbling around the shanks. Without any support for them, the drywall will ultimately give way.

Use 5/8 inch moisture resistant drywall, or wet rated backer board if you are going to prime/paint.

I would use an insulated box to enclose the entire run. You did not mention how long your lines would run. If it is connected and close to a refrigerator or kegerator, you may be able to use a small fan to keep cold air circulating (like for tap towers). Otherwise, consider a glycol system if you have the cash.

Lastly, with the difficulty in cleaning stuff that I could see, use the very best stainless steel material you can afford on anything that comes in contact with your beer.

Good luck. Post some pictures of the project. Besides myself, I bet there are plenty on here that would like to see it.

Indeed. I have a 1/2" sheet of finished plywood to run the shanks through.

I’m building new, so it’s all open. The plywood will be screwed between the studs flanking the taps.

It’ll only be 1/2-inch drywall, as space is really limited, but I’ll be using blueboard behind the taps, and bathroom paint, all “just in case”.

It’ll be a glycol system. I bought the trunkline from a Micromatic dealer, so it’s all insulated. I’m leaning towards an insulated box around the back of the shanks and hose connections, so the whole trunk line will stick up into the box.

I do not have the money. I spent it anyway. :oops:

Yup. Everything is stainless steel.

Some pics (note that the wood you see currently behind the shanks is a temp piece of wood; I’ve yet to cut /mount the piece of finished plywood):

I’m interested. I love build threads. Keep pics coming as you make progress. I remember seeing something similar a while back where someone basically put a freezer/fridge in a closet next to the living room and just had taps sticking out of the wall. Awesome.

+1 on “Awesome” and keep the pictures coming…

I showed your picture to SWMBO, and suggested we fit our kitchen with something of the same. The idea was sternly rejected!

Make sure you make a door or something so you can access the back of the faucet and shank. You will want to be able to get in there if you have any problems or when you want to change the lines.

This is my biggest challenge at the moment - I won’t have access from the back (there’ll be a floor-to-ceiling pantry cabinet there).

I’m trying to figure out a way to make the whole thing removable from the front, but still give it a nice, finished look.

I’ll post some new pics as we move forward. Any ideas are appreciated.

To make it removable from the front, put a strip of piano hinge down each side, and pull the hinge pin from one or both hinges to open it up.

It’s available in stainless… ... key=124512

How far up are you pushing the beer? I’m moving to a new house shortly, and want to do something similar. I’ll have to push the beer 8-10’ up. I’m still trying to figure out the best way to cool it. I think you said you’re using glycol? How will it all be set up (reservoir, pump, etc)? Where are you getting the pump?

Can’t wait to see how it turns out!

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