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Taping temperature probe to fermenter

Hello I have my temperature controller probe Tete to my fermenter insulated with folded washcloths . Now is this enough insulation to Cover the temperature probe. an I am using a chest freezer to conduct my fermentation?

I leave the probe just dangle as close to the fermenter as possible. Sneezles61


Should be plenty and will give you a more accurate view of temps in the fermenter.

I tape a piece of styrofoam over the probe after i tape it to fermenter.


You can also get a longer probe and a fermenter cap with a air-lock and probe hole so the probe is in the actual wort. I have one from Northern Brewer (I think) that works really well

I do as @sneezles61 just hang it inside and set the controller a few degrees lower than target. I usually have more than one fermentation going and it’s a lot easier putting fermenters in and out. I ferment to a range so I’m not worried.

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I put an old, dry sponge over the probe and tape that to the fermenter. I don’t tape the probe itself.

I made what looks like a giant band-aid out of cotton and duct-tape for each of my fermenters. I just shove the probe into the pad.

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