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Tap water temperature

Gotta love the summer months. We’ve been around 100F for a long, long time in my area with little to no rain. Water temp from the faucet is at 81F right now and will probably continue to climb. I’ve been having to run dual chillers for a while now.

I applaud you for brewing in this brutal heat. I’m waiting for it to break. The good thing is I’m not even close to running out.

I don’t remember ever having such a brutal stretch in KC. 109? Seriously?

Its about the same here in Wichita, baratone. I chill for a few minutes with tap water then switch to ice water from my mash tun. I freeze gallon water jugs and put them in the water so I don’t have to go buy ice. Also, I don’t have a pump to circulate, so I was actually able to get the wort moving with my stir plate. This kept me from having to stir the whole time and really cut down on chill time.

If only I could brew at work. We have a 1000 gal RO system that maintains a temperature of 54F.

Hot, hot , hot here as well. Probably not as bad as you guys have it a bit further to the south but… HOT!

I chilled an Oktoberfest last week with my new 50’ IM chiller, 1/2 inch. WOW!!! :shock:

BOIL to 50 F in 20 minutes in 90 degree heat.

I used a pump, ice and I threw 10 gallons on water into 2 plastic buckets in the fridge over night. The pre-chilled water along with the bigger chiller was the ticket!

It roared through water but… WOW!

Good Luck

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