I’ve recently have recieved a tap a draft system for my birthday and im having trouble finding any informative videos on the different ways to use them. The manufactures website is weak with little information. Im trying to find information on force carbination vs. natural carbination and how much priming sugar to use seeing that most reviews state that the capping design is poor. My other question is that I have Surly’s pro series bender past its 3rd week of fermentation and am growing impatient seeing that money is short to go buy good beer and wondering if its ok to rack a portion of it to a 6l keg and leaving the rest to finishing out the recommended 4-6 weeking fermentaion. I understand the importance of waiting, but this is also more of experiement i suppose. Im not new to brewing I just dont have all the answers to my questions. My gut feeling tells me to just leave it, but and additional information will help!!! Thanks!!!

Your gut feeling is right. Leave it for the 6 weeks. A rule i learned ( longer is better). If u used ale yeast rack to keg and apply co2 @ 22psi for 7 days @ 32-35 degrees. This is gonna help the yeast fall out of suspension. If u are lagering u need to rack to a secondary and cold crash @ 32 and heres where that rule come in play. Let it sit as long as possible. If ur not a rookie at brewing then u know how it feels to have to dump a bad batch due to being impatient… Good Luck and keep us posted

From the instructions sheet.

[quote]O.G: 1.064 READY: 6 WEEKS
1–2 weeks primary, 2–4 weeks secondary,
1–2 weeks bottle conditioning[/quote]

I say you are fine transferring it to a TAD bottle and adding sugar for carbonation. Allow to sit for another 3 weeks. Then you are at 6 weeks.

How much sugar? This link says 12 flat teaspoons. I can only suggest doing some reading and use your best judgment.

http://www.homebrewtalk.com/f35/tap-dra ... ion-60237/