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Tap a draft system

is it worth it?
I am nowhere near getting a corny system and bottling kinda stinks. I have read if used correctly it can but decent, i am just wondering if its worth dropping 70 bucks on. I am not against a little fine tuning if it can be made to work decently.

Thanks Lonnie

No experience with TaD’s

Have you read the thread on the 5l mini kegs? A paint ball tank can be adapted to this system and save money by no using the mini cartridges.


I’d echo one of the reviews of the TaD from the NB product page: “not bad, not good.” That was basically my experience with them back when they came out in the late 90s/early 2000s. They more or less perform as advertised for at least the first few uses. The tap itself is poorly constructed and you will go through a fair share of gas cartridges, so you could debate the relative cost over time. Ultimately, it is what it is considering construction, materials used, etc. – not bad, not good.
Unless refrigerator space is the primary consideration (which, truthfully, would be one of the primary reasons to invest in this beyond initial cost and portability), a used 5 gallon corny kegging system (minus the CO2 tank) is no more than a 50% additional investment in price (typically less – shop around). If I had to do it all again, I would have skipped the TaD entirely and went directly to a corny kegging setup. YMMV.

I’ve got it and TBH, it was a waste of money. Worked well for a few weeks/batches. then began leaking CO2 as the o-rings began to deteriorate. I bought new ones (kit from NB) but they are such a pita to remove and replace that it’s just not worth it.

If it was only $10-20, then ok, but at near $70, it’s just a huge waste of money, for the “previledge” of pouring a draft…which is not really draft as you MUST carb with priming solution…CO2 is for dispensing only.

just my 2 cents.


Thanks for the input I am going to shop around for a corney system and or try the paintball C02 5liter bottle way. Thanks!

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