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Tankless water heater for RIMS

I just started all grain a couple weeks ago, so forgive me if this is a novice question. While I’m loving the simple 3-tier gravity fed system I’m using, I am always contemplating the next upgrade. Looking at RIMS systems, I notice most people are basically building a tankless water heater and using an external control system to manage temperature. Would there be any problem just using a factory built tankless water heater with the same external control?

You would need to find an older tankless model that doesn’t have a thermostat - the old Bosch Aquastars, for instance, would just add a certain amount of BTUs to the water but didn’t have any actual temp control on them.

My natural gas tankless water heater cannot be set to go above 145 F. Sounds like you’d need to build your own system to get typical mash temps. I’ve seen plans for RIMS systems.

I would be more worried about the internal size of the tubing. When you start recirculating there is a lot of material that flows thru till the bed is set.

Good to know. Sounds like I don’t get to take that shortcut.

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