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Tangerine Dream IPA

Wanting to try some Ahtanum, and heard it has an orange and tangerine profile . Well, I am mixing it with some centennials, so it will be a citrus blast. I used hopville to put this together, so I don’t know how accurate their system is. Hoping to brew this next weekend.

71% 6 lb 0 oz Northern Brewer Gold Malt Syrup
12% 1 lb 0 oz American Crystal 60L
12% 1 lb 0 oz Muntons Plain Light DME
6% 0 lb 8 oz Muntons Wheat DME

Batch size: 5.0 gallons
Original Gravity
1.061 / 15.0° Plato
(1.054 to 1.064)

Final Gravity
1.015 / 3.8° Plato
(1.013 to 1.016)

11° SRM / 21° EBC
(Copper to Red/Lt. Brown)

boil 60 mins 1.0 Centennial pellet 10.0
boil 15 mins 1.0 Centennial pellet 10.0
boil 10 mins 1.0 Ahtanum pellet 6.0
boil 5 mins 1.0 Ahtanum pellet 6.0
boil 1 min 1.0 Ahtanum pellet 6.0
boil 1 min 1.0 Centennial pellet 10.0

White Labs 001

Looks tasty to me! I’ve made an all Ahtanum beer before and it does have a pleasant citrus character. It’s a very light citrus, not real grapefruit heavy like Cascade or Amarillo but almost a bit lemon/orange. I think it will go very well with Centennial.

Edit - one more thing. I would add a bit of sugar in place of some of your extract to help dry the beer out. Just a personal preference as I think extract beers can finish a bit too sweet without some simple sugar.


Thanks for the input. I have never added sugar to a recipe. Would 1 lb of table sugar substituted for extract be sufficient?

I’m at work so I don’t have beersmith in front of me but you should end up at the same OG if you swap the 1lb of DME for 1lb of sugar. Again, this is personal preference though and if you’ve made IPA’s with all extract that you’ve been happy with stick to that. I just like them a bit drier.

Named after the band, I assume

It was not, but I am sure that is why the term was in my head. Never really listened to them, although I should. It looks like they have been pretty influential.

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