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Tallgrass Kits

I got the email yesterday about the 48-hour Tallgrass kits. Were these partial mash, or were there All Grain ones available as well? Looking forward to getting an Oasis kit when these become available again at the end of June.

I picked up the Buffalo Sweat Kit at the Mpls Northern Brewer last weekend. Its a partial mash but it has a huge grain bill and only 3.15 lbs of LME. Sorry I didn’t ask about the others.

The sneak preview on the website showed extract and all-grain versions of each.

The Halcyon Unfiltered Wheat was available in partial mash or AG, and then from what I remember the other ones were Oasis, Velvet Rooster, and Buffalo Sweat all available is either Extract or AG

I was able to find an instruction sheet for the partial mash Oasis. Maybe I’ll do a better search for the all grain.

Well, now that was simple: ... Pro_TG.pdf

I’m interested in seeing the Halcyon and Buffalo Sweat recipes.

Buffalo Sweat All Grain: ... Pro_TG.pdf

Halcyon: ... Pro_TG.pdf

There you go.

I had a can of that Halcyon. I really wish I could feel more passionate about wheat beers. I think I’d rather drink a plain ol’ lager (no corn or rice) than I would wheat beer. Unless it’s Gumballhead Wheat.

where do you sign up for these emails?
I haven given my email twice at the store and have yet to get any notices about stuff like this.

I did it a LOOOOOOOOOOOONG time ago. It was when they were doing deals of the week. Try signing up on the website?

wait wait wait… these are available now? Because I am seriously addicted to Buffalo Sweat. And Velvet Rooster. And 8-bit. And Oasis.

Not yet…If you were on their mailing list you would have received an email last weekend about it being available for 48 hours, but that was done on Monday. Now we have to wait until late June.

I’m looking forward to brewing some Velvet Rooster. I didin’t se a kit for 8-Bit, but I’m currently looking for a recipe online

You could always buy the ingredients separately if you can’t wait for the kits to be released. From what I saw though, you’ll save money by waiting for the kits.

Really? I always tend to save money by buying the grain separately, but then I buy 50 lbs of base malt when I can.

For starters, I wasn’t speaking of buying in bulk. When a recipe calls for fractions of a pound of many specialty grains, but you must buy in whole pounds, there’s a good chance the kit will be cheaper. That goes with fractions of an ounce of hops as well.

After searching the website, somehow I missed the easy, on the front page email sign-up. Sometimes I amaze myself.

Sorry to dredge up an old thread, but has anyone done the Tallgrass Halcyon Unfiltered Wheat with Wyeast 1335 instead of 1098? I have some of the former on hand, so other than the 1335 being rated as high flocculation, what’s the difference?



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