Tall Boy Kettle coming soon?

Hey NB, any word on the availability date for these things? 'cause they look pretty awesumb!


I got yet another catalog from NB yesterday and they were in there with prices, so they must have them now.

Tallboy is a brand new product. We’ve experienced a minor delay in receiving our shipment. Should be here within the next week.

Will there be any options for them. Ball valve,false bottom, thermometer etc?

Will these be available with a ball valve and/or false bottom? Are they as heavy-duty as the megapots?

Got home and the new catalog was waiting for me with these kettles on the cover. I was looking for a simple 10-gal stainless kettle about a month ago and bought one off Amazon, happy with it, but I would have bought one of these if they were available back then.

Are they magnetic induction compatible?

That would be nice!

anyone have a link for these?

Do you have an ETA for these?

Hell, I thought he was referring to the 2bbl extension for BoilerMaker 55 gal Brew Pot. :shock:

Can’t wait for these. Looks like good quality ss with a triclad base and not badly priced. Till NB gets them in only way to take a peak is at their early spring mailer.

I was at the NB store yesterday and was told they now have them at the warehouse.

Saw these on the NB web page today. Prices look good, but wish they had more info on the quality of the build.

Anybody experience these yet?