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T connection and A419 sensor?

So i am planning out a HERMs system and was wondering if anyone had ideas on using the Johnson A419 Controller for monitoring my mash temp on a T connection outlet valve. Cant seem to figure out the best way to place the sensor in the 1/2" T connection.

Try he’s got all kinds of connections and it looks like he’s running a herms system. Not sure if that will help since I love the idea of a herms system but cannot afford to build one.

Thats what my system is based off of is “Theelectricbrewery”. However i do not wish to have a big control panel. Wanting to use the Johnson A419 controllers. Really dont have much of a clue if that would even work just trying to put things together. Might be out of my league

Just an idea, if you were able to get a compression fitting with some o-rings, thread that into your T, you could then either insert the metal sensor into it or make some sort of thermowell, thus maintaining a seal and get temperature readings. I’m not sure how the sensor will hold up to it though, plus the sensor is not rated for submersion so if you ever had a leak it could short out.

Something similar to this: … _00312.JPG

How about a 1/2 male plug or reducer with a 3/8 hole.
You borrow someones racking cane and keep a few inches of it.
Pinch one end shut and solder it, solder the other end into the plug/ reducer.
I have something simular on my hlt for the sight tube.

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