T-58 Temps

This is my first time using T-58 in a while; since before I got temperature control and good brew-day logging. I brewed De Belge Farmhouse IPA 3-gallon. Not sure what I did wrong, (or right) but somehow measured OG of 1.074 from a kit with a predicted OG of 1.060. Chilled to 60, pitched rehydrated T-58, and stuck it in the freezer set to 62.

That was Sunday evening. By Monday morning there was a nice krausen, so almost zero lag. The controller has not called for heat since Monday morning. Despite the basement being 50F or less, those yeasties have kept themselves warm, currently at 65.7F.

So far I’m impressed with this strain’s work ethic. Can’t wait to see how it tastes.

Anyone have any feedback on using this one?

It’s been a few years J, and I tried it once, I thought it tasted fine I think it was a Saison, but what I remembered was It finished with a really high gravity. I even took it to high 70’s for a week, but It stayed the same. It was an 060 OG and finaled at 018. Later others said the same thing about it, so I’ve stayed liquid ever since. I would like to know what happens for you. Like I said I only tried it once.