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T-58 Belgian Wit Yeast

Brewing a Blackberry Wit, ran through primary for 7 days, racked over onto 6 pds of blackberry puree, secondary a little slow. I mistakenly made a starter for this dry yeast T-58. My OG was 1064, and after primary was 1020. My question is…should I pitch another packet of dry yeast T-58 or just let it be…trying to keep as much blackberry flavor from completely fermenting out. Two weeks out at this point.

Let it be.

Gonna Let it be…maybe add some extract when bottling depending on the flavor.

You may want to rouse the yeast to get it to finish by stirring or shaking the carboy. The notes on Northern Brewer mentions that it forms a solid sediment (LeSaffre doesn’t mention it though.) I took that as a hint that the yeast may need to get stirred back up to finish.

I just used a pack a couple of weeks ago, and the initial pitch into 5 gallons kicked off within a couple of hours and was one of the most violent ones I’ve seen (my temps were on the high end of the recommended range though.) After a couple of days it really died down but didn’t look finished, there were still small bubbles on the top. I shook up the carboy a couple of times over the next couple of weeks and did hit my final gravity last night when I bottled. Good luck.

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