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Syphon and bottling issues

My auto syphon isn’t working and I need to bottle today to ensure the beer is ready in 1-2 weeks. New syphon may not be delivered in time. any suggestions on how I can bottle without it?


Can’t think of a way to get the beer from the fermentor to the bottling bucket without the risk of oxidation not using some sort of siphon. It would be possible to siphon with only the tubing if it could be held inside the fermentor without curling. Bucket or carboy?

What is the problem with the auto siphon? Maybe that can be fixed.

In a pinch i have started a siphon with vodka rinsed mouth :grinning:

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Amazon overnight delivery. And get a extra one. Never enough tools to have as beer brewer. You could put a hose in. Rinse your mouth. With cheap booze. Suck on the hose untill it starts to flow

Use the inner portion of your auto-syphon as a racking cane. Attach your syphon hose to it just like normal, submerge the open end of the hose into a bucket of star-san slowly, letting the hose fill up with star-san as much as possible. Keep the end of the cane open to air to prevent an air-lock. Once the whole hose is submerged and full of star-san (fill the cane as much as you can as well), put your finger over the open end of the hose and pull the whole thing out. Put the cane into your fermenter on an elevated surface, bottling bucket on the ground. Let the star-san drain into another bucket or glass, which will start your syphon. Cap it with your sanitized thumb once the star-san is gone and the beer is about to start flowing (there should be an air pocket between the star-san and beer) and put the hose into the bottling bucket.

If you’re quick, it shouldn’t make hardly any mess.


That is as I was taught Pork Chop! Besides that, the hard alcohol makes my tummy eject/discard (trying to be polite) that stuff, and the smell!!:confounded: Sneezles61

You can also just stick the open end in the faucet, push open the bottle end, run water through until everything is full then stick your finger over the open end and release the bottle end. That is basically how I siphon out of carboys still. No need for fancy gadgets.

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Kids these days. It used to be you learned how to siphon when you learned to drive.


I bet my mouth was sanitized after a mouthful of of leaded Kayo!!

OH yea, you learn fast. It’s subtle but you can notice the difference in pressure in the tubing. I had a buddy who was the designated siphoner. Good thing because he had a 62 ragtop caddy. With that bad boy he was designated driver also. I guess we are still on topic talking about siphoning

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At least you guys were being responsible, with a designated driver and all that!

Didn’t mean the same thing back then unfortunately

Definitely a lost art

Just trying to make it sound legit, bro! :laughing:

Imagine with todays antics of touching anything harmful! And your buddy had a mouthful of gas… Sneezles61

Leaded gas to boot

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Maybe thats why I can’t participate on the other, tightly focused forums…:confused: Sneezles61

Have you noticed that after swallowing some gasoline a belch will have the aroma of burned shrimp for a few days. My technique improved after that one.

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