Synchronicity Extraordinaire Yeast?

I saw this new kit in the latest catalog and ordered it as it looked like an interesting summer beer. After ordering, I noticed that the liquid yeast option is 3942 (Belgian Wheat) and not 3711 (French Saison). Is there a reason that the Saison yeast is not the liquid option for what’s being billed as a Saison? Doesn’t 3942 just make it more of a Wit? Is there really that much of a difference?

Is there a specific beer this kit is looking to clone?

3711 - French Saison
3724 - Belgian Saison™
3942 - Belgian Wheat™
3944 - Belgian Witbier™

Of the yeast listed at Wyeast, any look to be a good choice, depending on what the outcome the recipe designer is looking for.

You could have chosen the “no yeast” option and ordered the yeast of your choice separately.