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Swivel top leak

I purchased 2 cases of new 1L swivel top bottles and have had 3 that have leaked during bottle conditioning. The seals are brand new and not sure if there is a trick to stop this from happening or was I just unlucky. When this happens, my beer fails to carb. Is there a solution to fix that also? Thanks

I use a lot of these for big beers that I am aging for many years. I would just say that you have to take care to make sure the top is seated properly to the top of the bottle and not cocked at a slight angle. I have never had one leak.

Are you sure they’re leaking? Maybe your priming sugar isn’t mixed.

+1 I’ve never had a problem with them.

I remember years ago their was a manufactured defect of sorts that caused leaking I cannot remember offhand but I will search around and see if I can find that info. I saw the info before I bought mine and cannot for anything remember the takeaway that guided me to avoid the retailer that was distributing the off ones. The ones I did get never gave issue such as yours.

Maybe try carbing up some water and see if you can get them to seal.

If they don’t, a little tweek to the wire with a pair of pliers may give more pressure on the oring and a better seal.

I think some of the newer bottles may have plastic tops instead of ceramic. It could be leaking at the parting line. Look for flash and smooth it.

My caps are actually plastic. I will have to look into that.

Mine are ceramic. The Grolsch bottles are so old they are brown. Have not seen a brown Grolsch bottle in a long long time. My others are German.

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