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May be an dumb question but I just made my first beer. It was fun and I know I am hooked. When I pitched the yeast, I swirled the bottle to get it mixed up well. Was that okay to do? The yeast was just sitting on top of the wort? Thanks guys!

This is no problem. It will also help aerate your wort before fermentation begins.


Thanks! I didn’t think it would work but I am a little paranoid and retracing the steps in my mind to make sure I did everything right. The recipe was Caribou Slobber so it was pretty easy

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Yeah be as rough as you want. Your not going to drown them or anythign

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Just make sure you finish with a counterclockwise swirl.

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But if you’re using New Zealand hops, wouldn’t you reverse that?

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You dog you…thats my move!

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No. It is just an urban myth that liquids vortex in a different direction south of the Equator.

Haha. Thanks for all the funny responses and not calling me a noob of anything. My dad was cooking a kit as well from another company and it said to swirl. I gave it a few swirls and rocked it back and forth but just wanted to be sure I didn’t ruin my first batch.

Someone around here described the aerating step as “shake it like it owes you money,” so the lesson is don’t be shy.


Kinda like shake and bake… Swirling is fer chocolate milk! Sneezles61

And iiiiiiiiii helped.

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