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Sweetwater Whiplash White IPA

Anyone try to clone this? I see the grain and hops at the Sweet Water site, but no clue as to a recipe. Anyone?

Well I plugged this into Brew Mate and came up with
6.4 ABV compared to 6.2 ABV
49 IBUs compared to 55 IBUs

11 lb 2 row
1 lb wheat
.5 lb Flaked Oats

.5 Bravo for 60 mins
1 oz Ahtanum for 15 mins
1 oz Cascade for 1 min
1 oz Centennial for 1 min

1 oz Ahtanum dry hop
1 oz Centennial dry hop
1 oz Simcoe dry hop

1388 Strong Belgian Ale yeast

I’m not anything special when it comes to formulating recipes. Is .5 flaked oats about right or too much?

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