Swamp Cooler Question

If you have a recipe that says 2 weeks primary, 2 weeks or perhaps even more time in the secondary, should you use the swamp cooler for the entire period of time or just for the primary?

Thanks in advance for your help.

It depends on the ambient temperature of the area you will keep your fermenter and the temp range of the yeast. Once initial fermentation is done as long as the ambient temperature in the room isn’t above the temperature range of the yeast it should be fine. Others may disagree but that’s what I do.

I am like Brew Cat when it comes to temperature control. During the first 5 to 7 days of active fermentation I will hold the beer at the optimum temperature for the yeast. After active fermentation is over the beer can rise to the ambient temperature, as long as the ambient temperature will not put the beer over the top end of the yeasts temperature range. During this time just having the fermentor in a tub of water to minimize temperature swings, without adding ice, will be sufficient.

I no longer artificially ramp up the temperature, or allow a high increase in temperature, to help the yeast finish up. The yeast will do what they are supposed to do if temperature and pitch rate was optimum from the beginning.

I agree with above.

After the first 4-5 days I allow the temp to start rising naturally in the swamp cooler. No longer adding ice. After day 7-9 I usually pull the fermenter out of the swamp cooler. Cambient temps in my brew room are 68-70 degrees.