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Swamp Cooler Problem!

So, I brewed a batch of NB’s Dead Ringer kit earlier today. Everything went well, it got down to the right temp, and I pitched the yeast (Wyeast 1056 made with a yeast starter). After it started going, I put it in the swamp cooler to make sure the temp stays right. Then, I came back later to check on it, and it had stopped bubbling. Apparently my new swamp cooler works a little too well, as the temperature fell below 60, forcing the yeast to stop. Oops!

I added some warm water to the cooler to bring the temp back up to 66. Hopefully that will get it going again. My question is, have I completely screwed up my batch? This early in the fermentation, will my yeast get going again? If it does, have I stressed it out so much that it will give me off flavors? I’m worried!


RDWHAHB. She’s gonna be fine! If anything you just slowed them down a bit. It’s still only day 1. I’ll bet by tomorrow night at this time you’ll see activity.


Thanks! Sometimes I guess I just need to remember to RDWHAHB!

Yep, you’ll be fine.

I agree with others. Much better to go cooler than warmer. BTW, that yeast strand works well at 60, just takes longer so no worries.

1056 isn’t a fast floccer, if you’d had a British ale yeast it might have been tough to restart.

I put a small aquarium heater in my swamp cooler in the winter.


Checked it this morning, and it was rocking along at 67 degrees. Perfect!

This same thing happened to me except mine was in a freezer in the garage and it was about 4 days into fermentation. I brought it in the house and it fired right back up and is chugging away at 66*F. I’ve done this kit once before so I’ll know if the stalled fermentation results in lower attenuation. Good luck!

We all do Bro! Easy to forget, especially in the midst of things…and even more so when it’s something we are passionate about. It should be the Global Anthem.


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