SW MN(Marshall/Redwood Falls area) CO2 tank refills?

Anyone know of a source for tank refills in the Marshall/Redwood Falls MN area? Norm’s GT in Marshall will swap tanks but I have to buy their tank first and a 5 pound is $189!!!

See if you can find a used, steel tank on Craigslist or other vendors. I bought a used empty tank for fifty dollars and just exchanged it. I’d be bummed to have bought a pricy aluminum tank, just to have to trade it for an old steel tank right away.

Check out vendors that recharge fire extinguishers. Ask if they know if the CO2 they use is from a clean source. Forget the ones the say all CO2 is the same. The tanks it is stored in makes the difference on whether or not it can be used for beer.

check fer welding supplies too… Sneezles61

I’d try some of These


I don’t remember if there is a Fleet Supply in Marshall you can check there or maybe Runnings and see if the fo a bottle exchange. I can tell you I ran into the same problem in Alex however what you are quoted sounds a little high I paid less then that for a 20 pound bottle plus the co2. Keep calling around or walk into a welding shop and ask them what they do for their gas. Good luck.