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Suspicious caps

Getting some inconsistent results with some 4Brother bottle caps. Not my usual cap but they were on sale so grabbed some. Anyone use these?

I think I’ve figured it out. The capper I’m using has plastic like notches to hold it together those were broke. Went and tried to repress the caps hope it works. Anyone recommend a capper?

It’s spendy, but I really like the Italian floor corker with the crown cap adapter. Done literally thousands of bottles, crown caps, wine corks, corks/cages, and corks/crowns, and it works great. One of the best investments I could have made on bottling day. Plus it’s one tool that does all those things very well.

Hmmm…I have one of those, but didn’t know there was a crown adapter. I do believe I will be looking into that, so I can throw my crappy wing capper away!

Haven’t used my wing capper in years! You can also get a 29mm crown adapter that threads in place of the 26mm capper for capping champagne bottles. I don’t think our host sells either, but they should be pretty easy to find online.

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