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Surly Wet

Snagged this tonight and spent a ton of money on it. I’m not sure what to make of this. Tons of hop flavor and aroma, a lot of residual malt sweetness to balance it out, and a light, crystal clear color. I get it, but I think this is an exception that proves the rule… Homebrewers can afford to do crazy hopping strategies to make small gains in hop forward beers. Commercially, it makes a lot less sense. This is good, but I have a hard time paying $4 a can for it.

Born and raised in mn live in Chicago now and am in town visiting. Would love to come home with some surly wet any one spot any anywhere? FYI in spite of the fact I’ve lived in Chicago for 20 years I still hate the bears. Just in case that sways anyone from holding out

I was almost laughed at when I asked last Sat if the liquor store had any. I guess they only produced about 10% of what they produced last year. It went very quick this year. Good luck.

I lucked out, and found it at Cub Liquor of all places. They had just gotten it in that morning.

Did you have it last year? If so, any noticeable changes?

Nope, I didn’t have it last year, so I can’t compare it. In hindsight, I was being a bit hard on it… it was a very tasty, well made beer. I just cringed a bit at the price.

The price of the seasonals get a bit out of hand at times, especially Surly. Some times it’s justified, but other times it’s not.

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