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Surly Overrated IPA

Bought 2 4pks…my first impression was MEH, but this grew on me! No i didnt drink all at 1 session either:)

Bone dry, hoppy…I liked it

I picked up 2 4-packs this past weekend and had a can last night.

I liked it a lot.

Hoppy and dry is spot on.

I had Bandwagon last year at Target Field (Twins) and I’m pretty sure this is just that. They even use the word “bandwagon” in the description for this beer on the back of the can.

Personally, I think Surly should have a beer like this in it’s year round line-up if this beer is brewed with hops that are readily available on the hop market. I love Furious & Abrasive but those both rely heavily on hops that can be hard to come by certain years and / or times. Maybe Overrated will be able to take some of the heat off the other fine beers they brew!

I haven’t had it but if it is the Bandwagon as you implied I did really enjoy that last year at Target Field.

Unimpressed. found it lacking in hops, especially in flavor and aroma. A firm bitterness, but something off about it. Can easily find much better IPA’s.

The rest of the marketing that goes with it I find cheesy…

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