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Surly in my Town

Stopped by the local beer store over the weekend as was blown away by what I found. Surly in the cooler! I picked up a 4 pack of Bender, Furious & Hell. I’m not saying they were the best beers I have ever had but it is always a treat to see a regional brewery that I see people rave about make it to my town. They did not disappoint as I really enjoyed all three. I think my favorite was the Hell but I am a sucker for hoppy lagers. I need to make another trip back as I still have three to try. The also had the Cynic, Over Ratted & Coffee Bender.

If you live in the Chicagoland area head to a Binny’s and try some of these out.


I dislike you already.

Ok, I’m joking. I am just sour since it is a pain in the butt for my town to get Surly.

Surly just recently opened up their distribution to include the Chicago area. They used to ship to Chicago but had a hard time keeping up with demand in the St. Paul/Minneapolis so they stopped shipping outside the state and concentrated their supply just to around their brewery. Now with new equipment, and they are currently building a larger brewery, they will be able to ship further out.

Why am I sour about Chicago getting Surly? Well I live four hours north of St. Paul and apparently they don’t consider my area a big enough market to include in their shipping. The only ways for us to get any is either go to St. Paul ourselves or our local liqueur stores/bars go get the beer themselves. Luckily a liqueur store and our popular bar do just that BUT they can never get their hands on specialty brew like Darkness, Wet, or their anniversary brews so we miss out on a lot of their happens.

I get it though, it’s all about the money and how much resources it will take for them to deliver their beer to locations away from their brewery but I cannot help feel left out.

So Chicago, enjoy the Surly. It’s not the greatest beer but they do a fantastic job with hops and won’t be disappointed.

I love me my Surly.

Furious is the way to go. Get your hands on some Furious. And Darkness. If you can try Darkness, you’ll die happy.

Glad to read this. Haven’t “bin” to Binny’s in a while.

I had Furious on tap at Clark Street Ale House last Saturday. Love that punch of hops.

We’re getting all kinds of good stuff in Chicago these days. I wonder how things will shake out for all the local breweries that are starting up. It’s going to be hard to get taps and shelf space, I would bet.

[quote=“stompwampa”]I love me my Surly.

Furious is the way to go. Get your hands on some Furious. And Darkness. If you can try Darkness, you’ll die happy.[/quote]
Furious is obviously their best seller but my favorite of theirs is Bitter Brewer (which is only seasonal), absolutely love a low gravity beer that still has body and tons of flavor. I think a lot of it is the rarity which drives Darkness’ popularity, it is a good beer but it is kind of sweet to me. It’d make a killer ice cream RIS float.

way to much hype on all that beer, they have a few decent ones.

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