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Surly Furious - Too Secondary or Not?

I picked up the surly furious kit yesterday and was curious as to if I should use a secondary fermentor or not. I have not used a secondary yet but this one seems to take longer than the other beers I have used due to the dry hop time. I do not have a second bucket so I would either have to use my bottleing bucket or rack it into bottleing bucket and then back to fermenting bucket after I cleaned it and sanitized it.

Was just curious what everyone thought. Just leave it in the primary and dry hop on top of the yeast? or use a secondary




Either will work. If you have to do all that transferring, just keep it primary.

Look into the pros and cons of a secondary and decide what is best for you.

I’m really surprised the “secondary” war hasn’t started yet…

If the kit still contains over 8 ounces of dry hops I’d dry hop in the primary and after the appropriate period of time on dry hops I’d rack it to a secondary just to cut back on the hop material carried over to your keg or bottle bucket. Just a suggestion. Cheers!

With me it depends on what beer and how much I need the primary fermenter. I usually dry hop in the keg so that is not a concern.

I used to secondary everything because that is how it was done. Now days for an IPA (APA) and no need for the fermenter I wouldn’t bother.

With this beer, I tend to agree with this!

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