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Surly Furious FG

Brewed up the NB Surly Furious extract kit on 3/17 and hit the OG 1.063. Its been sitting for about 3 weeks now and fermenation seems to have tapered off. Checked the FG last night - 1.020. Has anyone made this kit and managed to get that lower? By my calc thats an ABV of 5.8%, the real stuff usually is marketed around 6.2-6.5%. Anyone have luck hitting that ABV?

That looks to be about 68% attenuation. Looking at the instructions the yeast is said to have 73%-76%. How warm are you fermenting at?

I’d say that it stayed a good 68-72 for a few weeks, then cooled down. Moved it upstairs back to 70 for a week to try to kick start. I just dry hopped, so I think I may move it back upstairs to try and kick start a bit more to finish better.

Did you make a starter?

I did, tho I can’t really say I got it the right levels. I used one liquid pouch, mixed it with 650 ml of water boiled with 1/2 c of dme (I think). It fermented great for several days. Strong enough that I almost had my first blowoff. I’m wondering if the yeast didn’t tire out. Trying to warm it up some now, so we’ll see if it can pick back up. I just checked my Sierra made and it is also at 1020, tho a few weeks younger.

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