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Surly Brewery Photos

Yell at me if this is the wrong place to post but I thought I’d share.

From a recent tour:

The “tour” is basically two speeches by head brewer and new local legend Omar Ansari; the first of which is the history of how he started brewing which was really interesting, the second is an explanation of how his brewery brews beer. Omar also lets you know if you get bored feel free to go back to the tap room grab another beer and look around the place (which isn’t all that big by the way). I have no idea how they produce enough beer to meet the demand they currently have, which is obviously why they are expanding. The blow off buckets they use are almost as big as my fermenting buckets.

This is why I wish we had a like button.

Is it me, or do brewery photos both commercial and residential get you all giddy inside and make you want to brew and drink a beer.

yes, I said “giddy”

Sweet photos, thanks for sharing.

For me just reading these forum boards does that…when I see pictures of breweries, hops growing on the bine, and homebrewery setups, it makes me want to funnel black tar heroin.

I’m giddy! Thanks for sharing.

Those are great pics. What an awesome brewery to have in your backyard for you MN’ers. Furious is such an a** kicker of an ipa, and the rest of their line up is great too. Hope they expand and send it on down to VA.

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