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Surly Bender Question

Brewing up NB’s Bender PM kit tomorrow. In plugging the ingredients into IBrewmaster, I come up w/ an IBU total of about 31. Checking the Surly website, I see Bender listed at 45 IBU.
Was wondering if I should up the bittering hops to duplicate the real thing, or brew it as NB sells it.
Any input from anyone who’s brewed the kit and had real bender, as the brew is unavailable here in nj. Thanks everyone.

Sorry, I have never had the real thing, but I really enjoyed the kit as per instructions.

I’ve had both the ‘real’ bender and my all-grain version, I brewed it closer to ~35 ibu’s and I liked it that way, honestly couldn’t tell it was any less bitter than the real version. Honestly didn’t even know the IBU’s of Bender and am kind of surprised to hear it is that high because it doesn’t come off that bitter or hoppy though all that aromatic malt really pumps up the malt character in the beer.

Thanks for the replies. I might just toss a few pellets in on top of the .5oz bittering addition. The NB kit also has a higher ABV, so I figure the OG may be different as well, so I don’t want the beer to be overly sweet. Still, I don’t want to play around too much because the kit is pretty well reviewed.


Having had both I’d say their fairly similar at the end. Yes the commercial is a bit more bitter but it’s also a bit more malty. The NB is a bit less of both. At the end of the day though the balance of the two is about identical. I actually liked the NB a bit better since the oat flavor was allowed out and had a bit creamier mouth feel.
I’ll just sit back now and wait for some Mid-Westerner to come out here and slaughter me for besmirching their beer.

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