Surly Abrasive

Delicious !

Tasted a bit like Lagunita’s though…and a 4 pack for $17 plus tax is a bit much in my book.

I didn’t love this one last year, but this year’s batch was phenomenal…

It could be perception, but last year’s was very heavy on the backend hops and this year they seemed far more upfront without the real heavy backend.

The wife tried it and thought it was great…but she doesn’t like hop after taste.

The mother-in-law bought me a 4-pack, otherwise I never would have tried it this year.

I loved the Abrasive this year, stellar stuff with how the hops play across the palate. However I’m not thrilled with the price averaging 15/4pack. My roommate confirms that he likes the Abrasive but is a bigger fan of the Furious, as well as the price point of Furious.