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Super fast ferment with S-33 yeast, is this normal?

Hi All,

ok, here’s what I’ve got.

Tonguesplitter extract kit, full boil, added 1# DME, used recommended S-33 dry yeast (usually use US-05).

yeast in Sat 4pm, to closet with ambient temp about 63-64*
Sun am it was going like crazy, lots of Krausen
Sunday pm, even more!

Monday am: REALLY slowed down, and almost no krausen.
and tonight, appears to be almost finished???

temp on carboy has been about 70* now to 66*

  1. is it too early to check gravity?
  2. should I add some yeast nutrient?

I have been rousing it a bit.

I really want this beer to turn out…


s-33 works off pretty quick. leave it alone.

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