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Super Alt

Hi All,

has anyone brewed the NB recipe for Super Alt?
I did years and years ago and really liked it.
I’ve made Alts over the years, and just ok, but I remember this one being really good.

but I noticed NO reviews on it and it’s “out of stock” whatever that means?
for all grain, I just buy the ingredients.

so, I have some 1007 German Ale slurry (from my mocktoberfest), thinking about making this again.



It’s “out of stock” because they are no longer selling it as a kit. If you click additional info it will provide a link to the recipe so you can buy individual ingredients.



What I am really asking is…

Is this a good recipe?
Why out of stock?

Just wondering

Maybe not a popular seller? Maybe they decided to go a different route. Hard to tell.

What does matter is that YOU liked it so why the reservation?

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Indeed dont matter what others think or do. As long you like it. Maybe you can find the recipy on a recipy creator. And buy the ingedients. Seperate. Did see the recipy. On brewtoad

I also did it years ago and liked it a lot. Since then, I’ve taken that recipe, tweaked it considerably, and get the ingredients from my LHBS. And yes, I do use the 1007, and love it!


How did you tweak it?

I just tried to upload the recipe from Brewtoad to NB forum, but I’m unable. The latest iteration of the recipe is on there as ‘Ben’s Doublealt’ under ‘JimRMaine’. I have been shooting to replicate Long Trail Brewing’s ‘Doublebag’, which is a 7.2%,39 IBU, wonderful example.
Comparing my recipe to the NB one, they have a little more than 12.5 lb grain, mine has a little less than 11.5 lb, plus 3 lb. munich LME. OG= 1.076. My IBU=40, a little higher than NB, but in accordance with the increased OG. Hop varieties are about the same (Perle instead of Tradition this year because that’s what I have). Their base grains are all munich, mine is 53% munich and 47% pilsner. They have about 4% caramel malt, I use about 8%.
I do a 2 step decoction- 145* and 155*, which is my habit for all my german ales and lagers.

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