Sun tea jug fermentor

Hey folks I’ve never made a batch of mead, and I would like to do it on a small scale. I guess my first question is could I use a small batch wine kit to make it? And my next one would be, could I make a makeshift sun tea jug to do the same thing. I know, or at least knew that you aren’t supposed to make wine in your beer equipment. I want to start making small batches of wine, and I would also like to dabble in mead too. The sun tea jug idea just popped into my head mainly because the spigot is above the bottom like a bottling bucket. But I don’t know much about making either, I don’t know if splashing would cause an undesirable effect on the wine. And I like my beer more than wine, but I like to make it all. Thanks for any advice you can give me on this.