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Summer wheat, yeast suggestion

Looking for crowd pleaser. Have two separate gatherings to plan for, so am doing a double batch. I’ve got fresh WY1010, and a pack of the WY Ardennes yeast. I’m leaning toward splitting the batch and pitching both into separate fermenters. But since this is not just for experimentation, I need some confidence that the Ardennes will do well…

Pils / Wheat malt / torrified wheat at 2:1:1 ratio OG 1.050
Saaz at 40min and 20min to total 20-25 IBU

I don’t do that many wheats, so thanks in advance for any suggestion.

Safale k97 also works well.

I’d go 50/50 with your grain bill… Any yeast will work… I’d choose one that gives you the “flavor” you enjoy… The other, use a clean yeast… Sneezles61

I like the Ardennes strain but it is not for everyone. I would not trust it as a croud pleaser.
A true croud pleaser for a wheat would be Wyeast 3068
I just brewed a batch with it at the highest temperature recommended and I am extremely happy with the results.


+1 to 3068 Wyeast Weihenstephaner hefe strain.

I’d brew a summer ale aka American wit with the 1010 and a nice patsbier fermented on the cooler side with the Ardennes.

That’s on my short list of new beers to brew, what are your basics for the patersbier?

" No matter the recipe, the end goal should always be something that can be sessioned as a nutritional source without inebriation."

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Not a traditional pasbier since it’s not a partgyle but my version and it comes out great

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All pils…finished with galaxy or azacca :grinning:

So I went with the 1010 for the whole batch. And switched up the hops to mosaic/Columbus. I’ll mess around with 2ndary additions of citrus zest for one and maybe cranberry or hibiscus in the other. THanks for the responses.

Be careful, Mosaic and Columbus are quite strong flavored hops… I usually associate wheats being on the softer side… mellow drinking kind… Sneezles61

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