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Summer beer

I am a new on the forum. Looking to make my 3rd beer and looking for opinions. I spending a week late July with the family and they are BMC type drinkers. So I am looking for an NB extract kit that they would enjoy and still be tasty enough for me. I am thinking the American wheat, cream or wit. But what do you guys brew for your non craft beer drinkers.

I made a keg of NB’s Extra Pale Ale for our annual crawfish boil. It was quite popular with my beer geek friends as well as those who don’t drink very often. The keg was finished before the sun went down :slight_smile:

Patersbier! Great for craft lovers because you get a little of that nice Belgian flavor, but loved by BMC drinkers because it’s light and easy drinking.

Cream Ale is also a pretty good choice, that is what I give BMC drinkers first and then test their limits from there.

+1 for patersbier. Just made it for my bro. Keg didn’t last a week. Honey kolsch is good, too. Made that for my pops…keg didn’t last a week. Not sure if the beers were really good, or alcoholism runs in the family.

Patersbier or Cream Ale, both are summer winners.

The patersbier does sound good. I may give it a try. Keep coming with the recommendations though. Will order this evening. Did you guys do the patersbier exactly Or did you do any changes?

I brewed it 2x as all grain… tweaked the recipe both times.

1st time brewing:
100% pils
celeia hops (not recommended, these hops suck, no flavor at all)
wyeast 3787

2nd time brewing:
88% Pils
6% Belgian biscuit
6% Belgian Cara20
Czech Saaz hops throughout
Wyeast 3787

For extract it doesn’t matter, but if you were to do a partial mash or all grain, mash low… like in the mid to upper 140’s. This helps dry it out for a real nice crisp beer. Almost like an American Pilsner or American Light Lager.

Their Kolsch kit is great! I just made my first all grain Kolsch the other week and it is still fermenting but back when I was an extract brewer I made NB’s Kolsch extract kit at least three times and plowed through it each time.

American Wheat is great. I brewed one last summer and am about to brew another one here soon. Very simple beer. Only a four weeker by the books, but I’d recommend another two weeks in the bottles.

I’ll second the Kolsch kit. Not too much color, not too much flavor, no so far from their big macrobeers in appearance so they wont balk at trying it.

Then they’ll tell you how great it is.

I love a low alcohol content jalepeno beer for the summer !!!

I’ve never brewed any of the NB kits, but I can definately recommend a Kolsch as a great beer that even BMC drinkers will enjoy. Same for a cream ale or a blond ale. If you’re guests are willing to try something that doesn’t look like what they are used to, you could serve them a German style wheat beer. Most people love it once they get past the cloudy appearance.

+1 for the American Wheat. I’m drinking the all grain version now, very pleasant. The only thing I’ll do different next time is increase the proportion of barley to wheat. The NB recipe is 50/50, I think something more like 70/30 would be a bit better.

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