Summer Ales

Has any one brewed the Summer Ale recipe from the book Radical Brewing? I was looking for a good Summer beer and it looked good. Any reviews?5 gal batch. 6 pounds marris otter pale. 2 pounds pilsner. 1 pound malted wheat 1 pound piloncillo ( Mexican sauger) 2.5 fuggle @60 min 2ounces Kent Golding @ 5 mins. 1/4 ounce of crushed coriander @ 5 min… 1/4 candy ginger @ 5 min. English ale yeast. Thanks

You mean the Mr. Squinty or something like that? If that’s the one, I brewed it once and it was quite popular. I’d recommend it. I think I pretty much followed the recipe as is. It was definitely a nice summer beer.

It has a lot of fuggles hops at 60 mins, I was thinking about cutting back on them. Thanks for the input maybe I will brew it has is.