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Sulphur smell wyeast 1335

Anyone experience a sulphur smell from airlock with this yeast? Hoping it’s not contamination.

Yes… Some do… Others maybe masked by hops… Sneezles61

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probably natural hydrogen sulphide production I doubt you have anything to worry about.
While this article is about wine the same applies to beer.

I believe when I used Belle Saison yeast making cider, it was very strong. Sneezles61

Same here.

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I’m pretty sure something is up with my beer. I’ve smelled sulphur with hefe yeast and my ciders before but nothing that lasted this long. Took a gravity sample yesterday and it was around 1.010-1.012 (need a final gravity hydrometer). Smelled and tasted horrible. I’ll keep it warm and see if the yeast will clean it back up.

The yeast starter looked suspect to me but it had some nice looking white yeast on the bottom so I pitched it. The yeast from the pouch when I pitched the starter had a different smell to it but should have just used S-04.

I’m pretty confident my sanitation was fine. One mistake that happened on brew day was we forgot to turn burner off before we started to chill. Surprisingly it chilled fine before we noticed it. We wanted to throw in flameout hops right when we turned chiller because last time 170° came and went super fast. So he turned on the hose and I dumped in the hops and held the hot water out hose so it wouldn’t scauld us as the air burped out. Then he grabbed the water out hose and I stirred for a couple minutes then when I check the kettle thermometer I noticed flame was still on.

Pretty bummed because there is 4oz of Mosaic hops in there.

If it’s created by yeast it should age out. ‘Yeasty’ strains that create sulphur or young beers can take longer. Other causes can be skunking of beer (this can sometimes come off as sulphur) or yeast autolysis. I think these are less likely, especially autolysis, unless you had really unhealthy yeast.

You said your starter looked suspect. Why?

Now thinking about it I guess it looked normal but it had a different smell to it. I’ve never used 1335 which I thought had a unique smell right out of the smack pack. Think the pack was a month old. Didn’t swell much prior. Did SNS in a 1 gallon jug using Fast Pitch that was purchased almost a year ago. Can wasn’t swollen and smelled normal when I popped the top. The beer was 1.070 maybe I just underpitched still and stressed the yeast.

Could be stressed yeast pushed further by a higher OG. I’m betting it will age out. How active was the fermentation? You could pour a small sample and see if passing it back and forth from cup to cup gets it to air out.

It seemed to start very quickly and was pretty active. Nothing seemed off about it. Surface of it now is clear nothing looks off. Yeah I could try that and see. I’ll let it ride for now finger crossed.

Doesn’t some copper help to pull the sulphur out too? Sneezles61

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