Hello Everyone,

I have a question concerning sulphite and bottling:

When Winexpert kits say to add extra metabisulphite to prevent oxidation when storing bottles of wine for longer than six months, do they mean potassium metabisulphite? Also, can this be mixed in at bottling time or should it be added to the carboy and left to sit for a while before bottling?

Yes. They are talking about K-meta and it is mixed in at bottling time, if you plan on racking again, or having to degas again.

Thanks, BB!

for kits 1/4 tsp of k-meta for 6 gals. mix the k-meta in some cold water maybe 1/2 cupful and either dump it in the bottling bucket before you rack or as you rack and it should mix fine. then bottle.

Actually I have been told that Winex has given the OK on using Sodium Meta for this step. I did not hear that directly from Winex though, but from an onsite owner (who usually does know what they are doing.) Personnaly I think this is a terrible idea and would only recomend K meta like everyone else on this post.

Thanks for the reassurances – I have a bottle of k-meta on the way.