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Sulfur smell from primary

I know I’ve read numerous times not to worry aboutthe smell coming out of primary, but… right now I have three beers fermenting. One has Wyeast 1056, the other 1450 and the third 1762 (a lefse blonde) . The lefse blonde with the 1762 has a powerful sulfur smell coming from it. Fermentation temp is 68. Should I be at all concerned?

1762 is the equivalant of yeast god to all other yeasts. Know that.

You might need to get the temperature up a bit if you’re sure its sulphering, it might be too cold to make it happy.
It really blows out alot of ethenol stink when it ferments too.

Just curious as I’ll be brewing that blonde in the near future, what temp are you fermenting at? It will be my first time with that yeast as well. I remember a cider throwing off that lovely sulfur smell, must have lasted 4 or 5 days.

woops…missed your temp in the OP

Put the heating blanket on. Will leave it on until temp reaches 70 degreea

Put the heating blanket on. Will leave it on until temp reaches 70 degreea

When I did the Lefse Blonde kit with 1762 it had a terrible sulfur smell. My family hated me because it stunk up the house.

Turned out to be DELICIOUS!

Tsk, You cats and the Belgian obsession. I would bend your ear a bit ans ask that blokes put a lean towards some slick 1469 !! Now that an a kewl pint O Innkeeper il be a refesher as you ever see!!

BUT, I kid----If this is your tops then by all means you do that da*m thang, back to the 1762 glamor post…

Lefse Blonde. First beer I ever brewed, no sulpher smell, fermented nicely in balmy South Florida, absolutely a great beer, easily quaffable for any occasion. Raise the temp.

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