Sulfur Saison?

I brewed a batch of Petite Saison approx. 5 days ago. I used the White Labs WLP565 yeast from the extract kit. I got the kit about 3 weeks ago, but stored the tube in the refrigerator the entire waiting time. Brewing went well as did cooling and racking into Primary. Fermentation started about 2 hours after pitching (pretty consistent bubbles for 2-3 days). Bubbles slowed days 4-5, but are still occurring, just at a slower rate. So pretty normal so far.
Now, here is the oddity. It smells like sulfur. If I squeeze the carboy and smell the bubbles, it smells like saison, with sulfur overtones. Also, the room where I am fermenting smells like “farts”. Not overbearing, but more than noticeable. The krausen is crashed. I am not seeing any bacteria slicks on tip or anything. Looks pretty normal in color as well.
Is the Sulfur scent normal with this kit / yeast strain? I am pretty liberal with the StarSan and keep pretty sanitary with no issues in my initial 5 batches. If normal, then do I leave it in Primary until the smell reduces? Or should I move it to secondary to let it settle down? I am in no particular hurry as I have a 4 batch pipeline in place so I am flush with great beer. But this is the wife’s favorite.
Any feedback would be very welcome…
Larry K

I’m not familiar with that yeast, but sulfur smell is natural for some yeasts. The aroma often disappears before bottling or kegging. Sometimes there is some residual, but it will age out in a fairly short time.

Farts you say? Wasn’t me.

Blame the dog. :slight_smile:

whats the gravity of the beer (starting and current), and what was fermentation temperature? Any control of temp or is it just fermenting at ambient? Did you just pitch the one vial or did you do a starter?

I love that yeast, but it is has not produced noticeable sulfur for me in the past. As with humans, however,“better out than in”.

The OG was 1.04 or so, pretty much what the kit called for. I have not taken a gravity today, but will later.
I am not controlling temp, but the fermometer has been steady at 76F.
I did not do a starter as it is a low gravity beer and had good results pitching directly up to 1.08 (saison de Noel) with the Wyeast version so to speak.
The fermentation has slowed to pretty much done. I will take a gravity tonight to see if we are in the low 1.00-1.01 range which it likely is as this point.
The smell as of this AM had subsided for the most part, so we may be in the clear.
If it smells OK, I may rack to a secondary this weekend and thief a sample to taste. I am thinking I may be out of the woods, but any advice is welcomed.

Ok, looks like we may be in the clear. The fart smell is gone. The OG is at that 1.00-1.01 stage so the fermentation is about done (about 5 days at 76F). A small amount of floating foam on top, but nothing abnormal. Took a small taste of hydrometer drip and it was good. Will siphon an oz it 2 when I rack.
Thanks all!!!
If anyone is in SoFla and wants to trade some homebrew, PM me!