Sulfur from 3068

It’s been 6 days in the primary which is still early but wanted to make sure I was on the right path to scrubbing the sulfur from the beer. It’s currently sitting at 68 degrees. Active fermentation seemed pretty quick but nothing abnormal for the high end of the temp range. From what I’ve read sulfur won’t dissipate after its bottled. What should I be doing to help off gas the sulfur? I assume if I can smell it from the airlock it will be noticable in the beer. I was hoping for a banana bomb and didn’t realize that 3068 was common for producing sulfur. I planned on letting it sit for 2 weeks but didn’t know if transfering it to a secondary after would help it off gas more.

I would just let it sit. It will age out eventually.

The CO2 coming out of solution in the primary will scrub the sulfur aroma from the beer. Plan up to three weeks in the primary.

Took a gravity reading tonight and a taste of the sample. Tasted great and had a great smell. Only a small trace of sulfur to the nose that I could detect. I only wish it was an all-grain batch so I could get a nice yellow color instead of an orange color.