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One of the most common questions about winemaking is the effect sulfites can have on people drinking finished wine.

All of the wine kits sold by Northern Brewer and Master Vintner have very low levels of sulfite compared to commercial wine, but that’s not because it’s something to be wary of: it’s because commercial wine gets shipped long distances under dodgy conditions of heat and exposure to light and changes in temperature and humidity, so it needs more sulfite to survive rough handling.

Wine made at home generally goes from the basement to the wine rack and then to the dinner table or maybe the patio or the neighbour’s house: no need for high levels of sulfite.

If you’'re interested in the facts around sulfites and how wine can affect people drinking it (other than the obvious) check out the new blog up at Lies, Damned Lies, And Sulfites: The Facts If you’ve got a question or a comment, be sure to reply to the blog.

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