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Suggestions for partigyle brew with Denny's BVIP

Im just getting ready to start a boil for a 10 gallon batch of Denny’s BVIP and got to thinking " that’s a lot of spent grains to waste".

any suggestions for a 5 gallon Partigyle brew?

I have some smoked malt and was thinking a smoked porter might be nice.

Any grain additions I would want to make besides the smoked malt and how much smoke malt would I want to add?
I’ve read it does not take much smoked malt to overpower the beer. What would be the right amount of smoked malt if I go that way?

Heres the grain bill. I was a little short on the munich

22.00 lbs. Pale Malt(2-row) America 1.036 2
8.5 3 lbs. Brown Malt Great Britain 1.032 70
2.8 1 lbs. Crystal 40L America 1.034 40
14.1 3.5 lbs. Munich Malt (Durst) Germany 1.037 10
5.6 2 lbs. Crystal 120L America 1.033 120
7.0 2.5 lbs. Chocolate Malt America 1.029 350

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