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Sugars in 2ed fermenter

So does anyone have experience in adding (lots) of fermentable sugars in the 2ed fermenter?
I am trying to brew 2 batches out of one boil. So I would boil and ferment 7 gallons then separate into one batch of 5 gallons into the Corney keg and then 2 gallons in a secondary fermenter…I have done this to add flavor, but what about %abv? I was wondering what would happen if I added 2 pounds of dissolved sugar to the secondary? Would in have to add more yeast… Should I save some trub from the primary? Any advice would be appreciated…

Why not do it opposite… Boil up a big batch… Pull some out and water/add to the remains brew to lower ABV? Water could contaminate after its fermented… Even a good heating at 180* will do well.

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Like what sneezels say. Boil a big batch of wort. Separate into 2 batches. Much easier than adding sugars and new yeast to secondary fermentor. And you might take the risk. Of not enough fermentables. For your new yeast. To do its thing. Than ya sort of stuck. With a not compleet fermented beer. Did split brew twice. Bit more work. But on the end it did work out fine

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It sounds like you might be heading towards exploring partigyle brewing.

I did a “split batch” on my BIAB setup quite some time ago…
The first 5.5 to come out was an IPA.
The second was an APA…
It was trying to nail down the approximate gravity that was the toughest part… I did a separate steeping of crystal malt to add to the second batch…
I’ll have to refer to my notes, but I believe I had to break it down by the gallon so I could determine the gravities.
It was a challenge… And I never repeated it… Why? I don’t know…

When i did it. Did boil 2 wort at the same time. But different hops. Had to pay attention. Not mess up the hop aditions. End result. Og on beer not. The same

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You’re fine doing it how you outlined. First, when you decide to do this bring your temps to 180° For a few minutes and dissolve your sugar. Cool to pitching temp. Now for your questions:

  1. sounds like you are going to keg 5 gals and leave 2 gals in the carboy? If so there is plenty of yeast to just add it.
  2. I don’t understand #2. There will be plenty of trub/yeast in the carboy.

Thanks all.-- I have to make longer questions:

I was worried that after the primary was done, and the SG was down to 1.015 or so, and I pull from my conical (primary) fermenter (so I am moving all 7 gallons), that there would not be enough yeast in the solution if I were to take 2 gallons of that, transfer to a secondary throw more sugar in there and then ferment. ( the 5 gallons would go right into a keg and sit for a while)… I see there is a risk, both with the yeast and contaminants…

So it seems what may be best (though I am limited by my equipment), is that I boil to hit the OG of the Imperial stout at say 11%… bring 2 gallons of that to my smaller fermenter, and put the rest in my primary and use water to fill it to 5 gallons at 5.5%… I have to do some math…


Nice read.

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