Sugar for a yeast starter

I need to make a yeast starter but ran out of DME. Can I use regular sugar instead?

Not really… Dextrose is different from maltose which is the main sugar in your beer wort. You want your starter to be the same sugar composition as your wort more or less I believe.

Thanks inhousebrew, guess I’ll put off making a starter until I buy some DME. I was going to brew on Newyears day, but I’ll put it off for another week due to the work schedule.

Malta is a barley soda available in the Hispanic area of most supermarkets. Or a Hispanic specialty store.

It could work…but there are many different brands, many (if not most) of which have flavoring ingredients like vanilla, salt, and other stuff (as well as sulfites). If those won’t affect the beer you’re going for, give it a try.

My own experiments using malta as a yeast starter have been less than stellar.