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Sugar addition prior to bottling

I recently purchased the Deluxe kit with the Irish Red Ale option, and when it comes to add the priming sugar, the instruction sheet for the said recipe calls for 2/3 cup corn sugar or 5/8 cup of table sugar in 16 oz. of water, but the kit comes with 5 oz. of priming sugar. Do I add the entire package of priming sugar that came with the kit to a 5 gallon batch?

Yes, add it all. 5 oz corn sugar is about 3/4 cup, which is close enough that only an experienced taster will be able to tell the difference. Boil it in 2 cups of water, like the instructions say, then cool it, add it to the bottling bucket, and rack the beer into the bucket onto the sugar solution. Stir it up gently to mix it well but not add oxygen, and then bottle.

If you add all 5oz then your batch of beer will most likely be over carbonated. Unless you like 'em that way. Otherwise follow the directions you were given and measure out 2/3c and boil it in 1c of water.

Thanks rebuilt and hans for your answers to my question-it is greatly appreciated! So the priming sugar is the same as corn sugar, correct? As you can tell, I am brand new at this! If either of you need questions about smoking meat or sausage making, I’m the guy!

Yes that is corn sugar. The package just says priming sugar.

Thank you sir! Northern Brewer need a glossary of terms for us newbies!

I’m new(er) and followed directions for a Caribou Slobber a while back and got a completely flat beer. Obviously, I was pissed.
To fix that, I made a new batch of sugar, simple syrup really, and used an eye dropper to add more solution to each bottle… It sucked.
Since then, I’ve been using the whole pack of sugar with 2 cups of water.

This is a free addition of a great book. Every new brewer should read this before starting first batch.

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