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HOLY CRAP! It has FINALLY happened…I have successfully made my first batch of real BEER! Thanks in part to my fellow brewers on here helping me along the way…and I am happy to report it is pretty darn good! Just in time to enjoy on a snowy day! :cheers:

(tried to upload an image but it kept telling me its an “invalid image”)

you’ll never forget your first…what is it? what method did you use?

It was the NB Irish Red that i got with the deluxe kit…was kind of worried after over a week with absolutely no carbonation…but all ended well :mrgreen:

Congratulations! Wicked fun,eh?
Now on to your next, best beer ever. :cheers:

Oh yeah! i knew it would be! And yes my next one is the pumpkin ale I am brewing on saturday :cheers:


The above may be helpful.

Also, congrats on the sucessful brew.

Woohoo!! Congrats on the new born brew! What’s in the plan for the next brew? Now starts the obsession! Hang on! It’s gonna be a fun ride! Lots of help for ya here when you need it.

Thanks guys! And today is the day for brew #2 doing the NB Smashing Pumpkin…adding organic pumpkin to the boil and a couple vanilla beans to the secondary…any other tips are welcome! :cheers:

And as far as the picture I followed all the steps but it is still telling me that the image is invalid (whatever that means) haha

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