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Sucanat as a carbonator

So it’s my understanding that this is unrefined cane sugar. From what I’ve read you can prime with it but the potential exists for some flavors to appear because of it. Has anyone used this sugar to carbonate their bottles? If so what amount for 5-gallon batches? Looking at the NB priming calculator ( I don’t see it listed, but since I’m fairly new to the game maybe it’s listed as something different??

Either way just curious since my wife just informed me she has a ton of this organic sucanat and has no use for it. I figure I utilize if to carbonate if the experts opinions from this board say so.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

It’s partially refined cane sugar. Kind of like muscovado/jaggery/turbinado/etc. I’d use the rate for turbinado sugar.

The idea that a priming agent will impart flavor is a self-fulfilling prophecy, though.

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