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Substitue for C15?

Trying not to order from multiple different places, the one place I’m ordering doesn’t have C15. Would I be better off substituting C10 or C20 for it? Any preferences?

if it were me doing it i would go with the c20.


Crystal malt can vary by 5 Degrees per batch and between maltster.

You could combine 1 part Crystal 10 and 1 part Crystal 20 (or you could work out the precise ratio using Lovibond/SRM).

You won’t match the Crystal 15 but it may add more complexity to the beer.

If you’re not interested in that, then I would err on the side of the higher lovibond malt.

c-20l, but does the place you are ordering have english extra light crystal/caramel? that’s what I usually get - i use 15l a lot. sorry if stating the obvious.

I’d just use C20… maybe a touch less… and not think twice about it. No way you’ll ever know the difference.

I’d say the answer to this question depends on what kind of beer you’re planning to make. If you’re making a pale beer, you might notice a slight difference between 10 and 20 degree caramel/crystal malt, but in a darker beer, you might not notice much difference at all. Hopping rate would also play a critical factor here. If you’re making a really hoppy beer, I’d say the difference would probably be pretty slim, but if you’re making a more malty beer, you might be able to tell a difference. I’m reluctant to make any kind of blanket statement about what to do in this sort of situation without knowing exactly what kind of beer the malt will be used in.

Making a Ruination clone? If so, I would go 30% 20L and 70% 10L if that’s all you can get.

Yeah the plan was to do a ruination clone. I’m less concerned about the color and more about the flavor. Since the grain bill is 13.5# 2row and 1# C15 I assume I would be able to discern a difference in flavor with such a simple grain bill.

15L has a little more character than 10L and the Great Western 15L is so tasty that I always munch a handful while milling. In a pinch, a small portion of 20L will get you close to 15L and I’ve found that 30% works for my taste.

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