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Subbing a Crystal 10L for a Munich 10L

I made an American Pale Ale (AG), but didn’t realize I had used up all my Munich on an Octoberfest in late March (oops!), so I subbed it out with Crystal 10L. Any thoughts on that? Is 10L Munich pretty much equal to 10L Crystal in an APA?


No, munich is not the same as crystal. It will be different, depending on amounts used.

Crystal 10 adds a white sugar-like sweetness (very little character) and unfermentables, so you can use it to add body and raise the FG, and it doesn’t need to be mashed. Munich 10 adds malt and “bread” character and requres mashing.

I’m kind of surprised theres Munich in an APA recipe, although I do love the bready flavor so I suppose a little would give some nice malt character. I usually think of an APA having a fairly basic and subdued maltiness, with hop character being the main feature.

No, crystal and Munich are nothing the same. It will make a different beer if you used crystal.

Maybe a little more like a Sam Adams Pale Ale?

Actually, Jamil has a recipe with crystal in it in his Book “Brewing Classic Styles”. That’s why I inquired - but then I went with what I had…I’m hoping to sweeten the flavor slightly.

Crystal yes, but Munich base malt? Or are we talking caramunich, which is a type of crystal? I like Weyermann’s caramunich crystals, good flavor.

Per page 136: .75 lbs. crystal 40 L; .75 lbs. Munich; 10.9 lbs. American 2 row for AG batch

I read up on crystal malts and I see the difference now between crystal and base malts - base malts require mashing, whereas Crystal malts do not because the Crystal Malts have already been processed and effectively mashed within the grain husk to convert the starches inside, though not crushed prior to the processing. As a base malt, Munich malts have only been malted, but would require mashing to convert the starches within the grain. That is very likely an oversimplification, but at least it sets out the general idea, right?

I looked in BCS and see there 5% Munich in both the APA and American IPA. Thats in addition to crystal and specialty malts. I guess he’s trying to bring a little more character to the two-row base malt. I don’t know that you have to do that, but these are good recipes.

Personally I’d sub some Biscuit or Victory for the light Munich if I didn’t have it. Different character but accomplishes something of the same thing.

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